What is Groovy?

Why does Grails use Groovy for its core programming language? Why not just use Java? In this episode of Grails Example, we present a brief slide show that talks about the shortcomings of Java and why Grails needed a groovier language for building web applications.

Creating a Basic Stack

In this Grails Example, we will set up the Project Tracker application and create a simple controller, view, and model.

Video #8 shows how to create the Project Tracker project in Eclipse

Video #9 shows how to create a simple controller

Video #10 shows how to create a view

Video #11 Create a data model – Part 1

Video #12 Create a data model – Part 2

Introduction to Grails

Welcome to the Foundations in Grails course. In this first Grails Example video, you will understand the components of the Grails model-view-controller (MVC) framework and be ready to install a Grails development environment. It will cover the difference between a full-stack MVC and an extensible MVC framework. It also covers the path that an MVC request takes as it starts from the browser, continues through the web server, dispatcher, controller, models and views, and then back again to the browser as a web page. Finally, the video describes what the course will and will not teach so that you can decide whether the course is for you.