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Grails Academy Magazine is a monthly iOS Newsstand publication. Each issue contains four video tutorials covering models, views, controllers, and Grails architecture. It is written for those that are new to programming and have chosen Grails as their platform. Each issue is available as an in-app purchase after downloading the free application from the iTunes App Store. Subscribe to receive 20% off the cover price and get new issues downloaded to your iPad automatically.

Issue Cover Price: $4.99
Monthly Subscription: $3.99 / month



Feb Issue:

Event Stamps
Reading Files
Text Messaging with Twilio





Jan Issue:

Custom Tag Libraries
Range Collections
Spock Testing





Dec Issue:

AJAX Part 2
Groovy Strings
Application Logging





Nov Issue:
Connecting to MySQL
Using Ajax Part 1
Groovy Loops
Deploying with AppFog





Oct Issue:
Reference Domains
Dynamic Select Fields
Switch Statement
Spring Security UI





Sept Issue:
Custom Constraints
Dynamic Views
Spring Security Core Pt. 1





Aug Issue:
Where-clause Queries
Fluid Grid Forms
Calculating Dates – Final
Test Coverage





July Issue:

Parent/Child Queries
GSP Field Types
Calculating Dates Pt. 2
Testing Pt. 2



Premier Thumbnail


Premiere Issue:
Basic GORM Queries
Skinning Static Scaffolds
Calculating Dates Pt. 1
Testing Pt. 1

9 thoughts on “Grails Academy Magazine

  1. As another member of the Android cult , have you any other format to suscribe? ( pdf for example )
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Juan. The developers of the publishing platform I use have promised Kindle/Google Play support soon. I don’t have a release date though. We have lots of Android fans (including myself) that are looking forward to this.

  2. Hello Mike,
    I am quite interested in the course and I have completed all the video tutorials that are available in this site. I would like to continue with my learning and subscribing is not a problem, but the problem is that I don’t have an Apple device. Is there an alternative way so that I get the videos, probably a secured link on my email, or something like that which will be activated only after I subscribe… Please let me know.

    • Mahesh – thanks for your feedback. I’m glad the videos were helpful. Right now, the only means that I have to deliver the Grails Academy videos is through the iOS Newsstand magazine. The publishing platform I use is going to have an Android/Kindle ability in a future release, but I do not have a timeframe on that. I am in hopes that it will be around the first of the year.

  3. Not being a member of the Apple cult (though I am a member of the Android cult :-), I was wondering if there might be any plans for a non-iOS flavor of what looks like an excellent eZine. (Not excellent enough for me to buy an Apple mobile device however.)

    • Wayne:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m seeing all three on my device. Please check again and if there is still an issue, let me know what generation of device you have and the version of iOS.


      • Stupid mistake. I didn’t realize that by tapping I got a home button that took me to the page where it showed all of the issues. – issue resolved! thanks.

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